Three Tips for Reaping the Benefits of the Last Days of Ramadan with Children

My Ramadan Journal cover

Much of the month of Ramadan has gone by already, and quickly (as usual). This year I have finally accepted that I would very probably benefit from planning my Ramadan activity thoroughly in advance and documenting it as I go, in order to do my best in reaping benefits during this time. Rather than wait until next year, insha’Allah I want to improve my Ramadan focus immediately insha’Allah, and thereby start preparing for next year now. So I asked a team of planners and journalers for help….

Bismilllah Babies have produced My Ramadan Journal for young families to use for everything from noting gratitude for meals, to reading hadith, to remembering duas, and learning through activities.

Here are their top tips for parents of young children who want to make the most of what remains of Ramadan, and a little extra encouragement besides masha’Allah:

1. Going to the masjid is often a challenge for mothers with young children. We think that if you can’t go to the masjid, then bring the masjid to you, by making good use of the various lectures, duas and Qiraat available on Youtube and other channels. Watching and listening to them serves as a great Emaan Booster.

2. Involve children in making dua these last nights (it can be a new bedtime routine). One way of doing this would be to write names of various family members on pieces of paper and placing them in a bowl or box. Each night the children pick up a slip, and make dua for the person or people mentioned on it.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If during these few days the only way to get some quality Ibaadah time is by allowing some extra screen time, so be it! And, yes, these are the last few days of Ramadan, everyone may want their favourite dish for iftar, but it can wait for Eid – perhaps plan one special dish a day so all the kids can have their turn deciding what they what they want for iftar.

One of the most important things for all of us is to not compare our level of worship with others. All of us have our unique challenges and situations. What works for someone else may not work for us. What we should aim for is to do more each day and try to better our quality of ibaadah each day insha’Allah.

Alhamdulillah, My Ramadan Journal has been very well received. We will be posting the various pictures that people have sent of the activities they have done from the journal on Facebook insha’Allah. Some people have even asked if kids should fill it out in pencil, so they can use it next year as well!

However, inshaAllah we are already planning a new Journal for next year.

Here’s hoping that all of us make the best use of these very precious and blessed days and nights. And that the positive changes we have brought about in Ramadan – however late in the month – carry over to the rest of the year, and we meet the next month of Ramadan ready to take our Emaan higher. May Allah SWT accept all our ibaadah.

My Ramadan Journal by Bismillah Babies is available to purchase from Have you used it this year? Have you used different materials for planning a documenting your Ramadan activity? Have you designed your own method? You are welcome to comment below with your top tips and the benefits you’ve reaped from applying them. You can also tweet me @elizabethlymer.

Elizabeth Lymer March 2015 flatElizabeth Lymer is a rhymer, author, and rainbow-liker. She recently read an article in which Ramadan is compared to a rainbow for its beauty and transience. Elizabeth hopes that her Ramadan Rhymes and Muslim Lullabies books will facilitate lasting benefits to you and your families at times of rainbow, sunshine, and rainfall. She is a member of the Muslimah Writers Alliance. You can subscribe to her emails here.

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