Three Muslim Picture Books and an Audio Book Recommended by Their Editors

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I love last minute Eid shopping and, for those of you who are like me, insha’Allah in a day or two I’ll publish a post about new releases in Muslim children’s books. However, for today, for those of you who are looking to make the last days of Ramadan special with new picture books and audio books, and for those who prefer to shop for Eid four or five working days in advance, I asked some editors to pick one title from within their own houses to recommend, and this is what they said….

It Must Have Been You

9780956419668.MAINWritten in rhyme, with repetition, and quirky, innovative illustrations, this picture book is easy to relate to and quickly captures young hearts. It is great for sharing, time and time again. Little girls, and boys, can identify with the situations which the main character finds herself in, and parents will likely be amused with the reactions of the adults throughout the book. A unique and original addition to the Muslim market.

Zanib Mian, Founding Director, Sweet Apple Publishers


The Beauty of My Hijab

BH CoverI’d recommend The Beauty of My Hijab by author-illustrator Fatimah Ashaela Moore Ibrahim as a great pick for Ramadan reading because it artfully showcases some of the depths of what hijab means with lovely prose and vibrant pictures. Ramadan is a time of reflecting upon the tenants of Islam for better implementation in our daily lives throughout the year and hijab is an important principle of the religion. Sister Fatimah does a great job of illustrating how there are elements in nature that are reminiscent of hijab and I especially love that about this book.

Janette Grant, Owner/Executive Editor, Mindworks Publishing


Montmorency’s Book of Rhymes

Montmorency's Book of RhymesMontmorency’s Book of Rhymes is where East meets West in children’s literature. Upholding the lofty language of the classics, the book introduces original rhymes by T. J. Winter (Abdal Hakim Murad) with an Islamic theme that Muslim children love. The Masjid Mouse is an all-time favorite (including my own!) because he is such a dear, sincere little creature and when he stands in prayer, at the end, he melts hearts. The book includes rhymes for Ramadan and the Eid, making it a perfect holiday gift. Copies of Montmorency may be purchased in the US through and; and in the UK through

Elizabeth Hanson, Founder, Kinza Press


Nuh and the Great Flood

Nuh coverIt’s one of my personal favourites. This centuries old story is re-told from a new fascinating angle – from the animals’ perspective. Ramadan is a time to reflect and learn so the stories of the Prophets – the friends of Allah – are ideal for children. But while learning about how hard Nuh alaihi salam worked in order to his persuade people to follow Allah instead of their idols, children will have fun listening to some animal chit chat. We have some great characters in the story such as Pappu the Parrot!

Adiba Ataeva, Managing Director, Miraj Audio


May Allah reward the editors with good for taking the time to recommend their choices for you this Ramadan, and reward them and other busy editors for their intentions, ameen.

Masha’Allah, Ramadan is a busy time for Muslims working in children’s publishing and production houses. Part of their worship is finishing, releasing, and distributing picture books and audio books to support Muslim youngsters. After you have prayed for guidance for your young offspring, nieces, and nephews, I strongly recommend you remember to search the above websites, because it may be that some of the answers to your prayers are ready for delivery through children’s materials made by Allah’s servants.

Elizabeth Lymer March 2015 flatElizabeth Lymer is a rhymer, author, and rainbow-liker. She recently read an article in which Ramadan is compared to a rainbow for its beauty and transience. Elizabeth hopes that her Ramadan Rhymes and Muslim Lullabies books will facilitate lasting benefits to you and your families at times of rainbow, sunshine, and rainfall. She is a member of the Muslimah Writers Alliance. You can subscribe to her emails here.

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