Thirteen Muslim Picture Book Recommendations from Authors

Last week I selected my favourite quotes from Muslim children’s picture books and this week I want to recommend books for young children this Ramadan. However, like many people, I like to read reviews written by various people. So I asked fellow authors of Muslim children’s books to join me….

1 before 1 Author Recommendation 2015

1 Author Recommendation 2015

2 Author Recommendation 2015

3 Author Recommendation 2015

4 Author Recommendation 2015

5 Author Recommendation 2015

6 Author Recommendation 2015

7 Author Recommendation 2015

8 Author Recommendation 2015

9 Author Recommendation 2015

10 Author Recommendation 2015

11 Author Recommendation 2015

12 Author Recommendation 2015

Masha’Allah, these authors have kindly taken time to recommend Muslim children’s books and thereby support learning and literacy in the Muslim community, understanding of Islam in children’s early and infant years, and visibility of Muslim publishing. Many book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are shorter than these little recommendations but have greater impact upon advising potential customers. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to post reviews.

If you have benefited from using Muslim picture books and would rate them with three stars or more, please do perform the small good deeds of posting short reviews. (You can contact authors privately with feedback to help them develop their work. My email address is

I have learned enormously from the above author recommendations alhamdulillah. I look forward to learning from your Muslim picture book reviews too. To reach me directly please comment below or tweet me @elizabethlymer.

Elizabeth Lymer March 2015 flatElizabeth Lymer is the author of Religious Rhyme Timean Abrahamic children’s interfaith book, as well as Islamic Nursery Rhymes and other books. She loves eating chocolate while she writes, and, with strictly chocolate-free fingers, she also creates Muslim and interfaith children’s gifts for book people at her Etsy shop, BarakahBedtimesUK. Elizabeth is a member of the Muslimah Writers AllianceYou can subscribe to her emails by clicking here.

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