The Beauty Of My Hijab

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The Beauty Of My Hijab by Fatimah Ashaela Moore Ibrahim

When I finished reading this book all I could do was sit and think for a few moments: “Beautiful.”

Then I wondered, “What age is this book for?” because I could imagine gifting it to a teenager or woman who’s just taken up hijab or Islam. And then I thought, “My daughters are too young for hijab but I think the eldest would enjoy the book and I want to read it again.” Nervously, I checked what the publisher had to say, hoping that the guideline wouldn’t restrict me from feeling legitimately allowed to re-read and share the book … Alhamdulillah, Mindworks Publishing recommend Fatimah Ashaela Moore Ibrahim’s The Beauty Of My HijabFor girls of all ages’.

Having now read the book twice, I have put it aside to explain to you why another hijab book is worth getting excited about. For its entrance into the conversation about hijab, The Beauty Of My Hijab ticks all the important boxes to give it a strong voice: author – female; illustrator – female (author and illustrator are the same Moore Ibrahim); majority of Muslimahs depicted in the illustrations – girls and women of colour … even the publishing team was female mashaAllah.

(Now in the hijab conversation,) what does the book do? The Beauty Of My Hijab presents a succession of reasons for wearing hijab, as an expression of what is natural and beautiful, and because of faith. Starting with the popular similes for covering a woman’s beauty – like a buried diamond or a shelled pearl – Moore Ibrahim goes on to highlight other signs which celebrate the covering of hijab. For example, one of her similes for hijab is the protective sheath over corn as it grows, another is a butterfly’s cocoon.

However this is a book by a female for a female readership and so mashaAllah it is not simply a list a beautiful similes for hijab, it also has a couple of tangents that celebrate the beauty, value and potential within each Muslimah. MashaAllah, The Beauty Of My Hijab repeatedly tells its readers to ‘Wear your hijab’ yet its general tone is one of gentle, poetic (and rhyming) encouragement made especially endearing by its feminine voice and beautiful imagery.

I am looking forward to sharing this book with my daughters inshaAllah and find myself eager to meet a new hijabi to gift a copy of the book to this Ramadan inshaAllah. If you’ve already met such a sister mashaAllah, you need look no further inshaAllah, this is the perfect gift to celebrate the beauty of her hijab and all that she covers with it.


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