Nine Particularly Pleasing Quotes from Muslim Children’s Books for Youngsters

RSRD Rhymes The Masjid Mouse

Ramadan mubarak! May you be granted the blessings of Ramadan!

With Ramadan now here, and the first Muslim children’s book day approaching – #IslamicBookDay, 10 Ramadan, 2015 – I thought I’d share a selection of lines from children’s books that I have found particularly pleasing to read….

1Montmorency Book of Rhymes quote

2Colours of Islam quote

3A Trust of Treasures quote

4Amira Totally Chocolate World quote

5Going to Mecca quote

6Islamic Nursery Rhymes quote

7Sameera Hijab quote

8The Story of Adam AS quote

9Let Go Dua Catching quote


AS – Alayhas Salaam, meaning ‘upon him be peace’

fajr – fajr salah, the ritual prayer after dawn and before sunrise

S –Salallahu alayhi wa sallam, meaning ‘may blessings and peace be upon him’

SWT – Subhanahu wa ta’ala, meaning ‘glory to Him, the exalted’


For me, some of the above lines have felt almost delicious to read aloud. But we’re all different, favouring different styles and content. What lines have you found particularly pleasing in Muslim children’s books for youngsters?

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Elizabeth Lymer March 2015 flatElizabeth Lymer is the author of Religious Rhyme Timean Abrahamic children’s interfaith book, as well as Islamic Nursery Rhymes. She loves eating chocolate while she writes, and, with strictly chocolate-free fingers, she also creates Muslim and interfaith children’s gifts for book people at her Etsy shop, BarakahBedtimesUK. Elizabeth is a member of the Muslimah Writers AllianceYou can subscribe to her emails by clicking here.

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