The five pillars of Islam are announcing the testimony of faith, maintaining salat, fasting in Ramadan, paying zakat, and performing Hajj.

Here is a rhyme about the five pillars of Islam:


All For Allah

(Sing to tune of All Through the Night)


Testify to One Alla-ah,

all for Allah,

and His final messenge-er,

all for Allah.

Pray and fast so we obe-ey

from our wealth, give some awa-ay,

go on Hajj when we can pa-ay,

all for Allah.


Muslim Rhymes and Lullabies contains twenty-five poems to sing and recite, and includes the following songs about the five pillars of Islam:

Five Pillars of Islam

Pillar One, Shahada

La ilaa ha il Allah (Old MacDonald Had a Farm)

Muhammad SAW (Aiken Drum)

Pillar Two, Salat / Salah

The Muslims Round the World (The Grand Old Duke of York)

Five Prayers Each Day (Once I Caught a Fish Alive)

Pillar Three, Sawm

When It’s Ramadan (The Wheels on the Bus)

Pilar Four, Zakat / Zakah

Excellent Allah (Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Pillar Five, Hajj

Peace Pilgrims (Good Morning Mrs Hen)

Round the Ka’bah, Walk (Wind the Bobbin Up)

Five Pillars of Islam from end page
This quick reference about the five pillars is also included in ‘Muslim Rhymes and Lullabies’

Insha’Allah I will make a voice-only mp3 of these songs available to my email subscribers for Ramadan 2017.

Currently, you can find many of my voice-only Muslim nursery rhymes, with faceless illustrations and without adverts, on my Elizabeth Lymer YouTube channel, and you can purchase voice-only albums from various places.

For nursery rhymes about Iman – the six articles of faith, please click here.

Insha’Allah at the end of 2017, access to my videos and mp3s will be restricted to women and children, with exceptions made for widow and divorcee fathers and male caregivers who agree to lower their ears when using my recordings with children. Please subscribe to my emails to be invited to gain access, when the time comes insha’Allah.

For male voice-only nasheeds and rhymes about Islam, I recommend Muhammad Shah Nur, masha’Allah … and insha’Allah I will be working with him in future alhamdulillah.

Muslim Rhymes and Lullabies also includes poems about Allah, spreading peace, doing good deeds, family, mosque, al-Qur’an, and more, as well as soothing lullabies to teach a sunnah bedtime routine, encourage prayer, and reassure children of the protection of Allah during His gift of restful sleep.

Insha’Allah, the best person to share rhymes about Islam with a child is a person who loves them, face-to-face or side-by-side together with them. Your voice is good enough, it is made by Allah. Insha’Allah sing and say Muslim rhymes today, recite and memorise al-Qur’an tomorrow!

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