Hajj Round The Ka’bah Craft

Hajj Ka'bah Craft Two CirclesA craft activity for supervised (and helped) children to make a play scene of the Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj using circles of paper dolls around a cube shape play Ka’bah …


You Will Need:

White paper/thin white card
Black card
White and yellow colouring pencils


1. To make the paper dolls, fold a piece of paper (A4 size or similar) into quarters lengthways – you will use these three lines to cut the paper into four strips. Before cutting, fold the paper into quarters widthways, and then add four more folds to make eighths in a concertina pattern.

Hajj Ka'bah Craft Doll Shape2. Cut the paper lengthways into four concertina strips. Draw a doll shape onto the front face of each strip, ensuring the feet meet the edges and are at least 1cm tall. Holding the concertina together, cut around the shape to make eight paper doll pilgrims standing toe to toe. Colour their faces/bodies and detail ihram clothing (special Hajj clothing) as desired.

Hajj Ka'bah Craft Net3. Using a white pencil, carefully draw a net for a cube on the black card with six 5cmx5cm square faces and 1cm tabs. Decide where the top of the cube will be and draw yellow lines/patterns onto the side faces about a third of the way down.

4. Cut out the net and glue it together as a cube shaped box.

5. Glue one strip of paper dolls end to end into a circle; glue two or three strips together to make a wider circle. Position the circles of Hajj pilgrims around the cube for your finished Hajj scene.


Use card to make the doll circles so you can play with the Hajj scene by turning the dolls anti-clockwise (seven times) as if performing the pilgrimage ritual of Tawaf.

Vary your doll shapes to show women, men, and children pilgrims. Only three paper strips are needed to make two circles of dolls so the fourth, remaining strip can be used to make unique person shapes that can be glued within the circles to add diversity.

For guidance regarding how to make a cube using a net, please refer to the pictures below or/and: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-3D-Cube

Hajj Ka'bah Craft Net

Hajj Ka'bah Craft Open Box

Hajj Ka'bah Craft Circle

This craft was designed by me for Rhymes and Stories and Greenbird Books.

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