Hajj Harmonies with Hafsa Creates

Hasa Creates fun Hajj HarmoniesAs a home educator I often look around at my children’s messy learning environment that is my home and in these moments I sometimes allow myself to fantasise about the luxuries afforded to school teachers such as a store cupboard and a sizeable annual budget (per child) for new materials.

I am a product of the institutional school system.

So, rather than try too hard to manage my educational affairs according to a different system, all the time, I sometimes like to reward my dedication to home educating with resources that treat me to a ‘perfectly’ prepared activity.

Until now this has meant investing in something wooden. Perhaps some beautiful wooden toy animals for storytelling sessions or some attractive educational toys for self-contained activities that are easy – even pleasurable – to tidy away. Tidy up time that consists of putting away wooden sets with an exhaustive and memorable number of component parts are blissful experiences when contrasted with collecting up crafting paper off-cuts off the floor and into a bag for recycling.

My children love to work and play with paper and card and we all love arts and crafts inspired by children’s books.

Hasa Creates fun Hajj HarmoniesWe recently had the pleasure of enjoying a no-cutting-involved simple craft and play activity thanks to Hafsa Creates alhamdulillah and we used it in conjunction with my nursery rhymes collection Hajj Harmonies that has been made available as a colouring book by Mindworks Publishing masha’Allah.

Whilst listening to Hajj Harmonies we thoroughly enjoyed folding, taping, and arranging our Hafsa Creates Hajj kit and then talking about the ritual sites and playing with the toy pilgrims (we asked for a second pilgrim in our kit). The neatness and exactness of the craft supplies were delightful and the finished objects that we constructed with them were befitting of Hajj in their beautiful simplicity. Alhamdulillah throughout our play and when it was time to tidy away my overwhelming feelings were of hope to make the Hajj.

Hafsa Creates MinaHasa Creates Safa and Marwah

Hafsa Creates JamrahNow that the Hajj pack has been constructed insha’Allah next time we set it up I plan to act/play out some of the rituals while I sing Hajj nursery rhymes before I leave the children to free play. Perhaps the time after that the children will take the lead with singing and playing out Hajj rituals insha’Allah. With my grateful memory of the neatness the Hajj kit brought to my day I am looking forward to playfully engaging with my children to explore Hajj more insha’Allah.

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