Eid al Fitr 2015: Ramadan Releases, Current Favourites, and Forthcoming Launches

Alhamdulillah, there are loads of books to choose from as ‘Eid gifts and while-you-fast-during Shawwal gifts for young Muslim. As well as some new releases during Ramadan, publishers of Muslim books and audio books for young Muslims have several current titles … and a few imminently forthcoming titles that are soon to launch insha’Allah as well….

Ramadan Releases Out Now

Miraj Audio Ibrahim and the Fire

Aneesa Books Baby Traveller Bismillah

Mindworks Publishing My Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr Coloring Book

Mindworks Publishing Muslim Lullabies


Imminently Forthcoming Launches Insha’Allah

IIPH Birds and Other Animals in the Quran

IIPH I Wonder Who

IIPH Aleena Celebrates Eid

More Imminently Forthcoming Launches Insha’Allah

Aleena Celebrates Eid (picture book) from IIPH

The Lost Kingdom from IIPH

Zainab’s Ramadan Basket from IIPH (also as a colouring book)

Why Muslims Fast from Noor Kids

The Magic Spoonful from Greenbird Publishing


Where to Find Current Creative Titles for Young Muslims

All of the following names of publishing/production houses are linked to their websites so you can simply click and browse.

Ali Gator

Aneesa Books

Bismillah Babies

Chez Alpha Books

Chickpea Press

Chronicle Books

Creative Education & Publishing

Education Enriched

Education Revisited (Kinza Press)

Montmorency's Book of Rhymes

Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

Franklin Watts (Hachette Children’s Group)

Fons Vitae

Greenbird Books

Goodword Books

IIPH – International Islamic Publishing House

Kube Publishing/The Islamic Foundation

Mosques of the World Activity Book cover

Learning Roots

Mantra Lingua

Mindworks Publishing

Miraj Audio

Muslim Writers Publishing

Noor Kids


Real Reads

RR Muhammad -- Life of the Prophet

We believe that everyone, Moslems and non-Moslems alike, benefit enormously from reading and understanding a readable and compelling life of Muhammad based entirely on early sources, which is the closest to the truth of his life that it is possible to get. There are today so many misconceptions about the real Muhammad and his beliefs and teachings, and we felt it was important to add this fascinating story — together with similar volumes about Jesus and Buddha — to the Real Reads list.

Since its publication, Real Reads Muhammad has been widely distributed to schools throughout the UK and North America, and we have recently sold rights for the book to our Turkish partner publisher. We would very much like to see the book appear in Arabic before very long!

John Button Managing Director, Real Reads

Saba Islamic Media Sdn Bhd

Shade 7 Limited

Smart Ark


Sweet Apple Publishers

Ta-Ha Publishers

Tughra Books

QED Publishing

Please do let me know about publishers of books for young Muslims that I have missed! (I am aware that a list of publishers of Muslim books for children of all ages would be longer than this one. Also, there are textbook publishers who include titles about Islam that are somewhat accessible to young children.)

Whether you choose your Eid gifts for young Muslims from among new releases, recent titles, old publications, or you hold out for the forthcoming launches from IIPH, Noor Kids, and Greenbird Publishing, insha’Allah you will find benefit it your purchases. May Allah SWT grant you a blessed end of Ramadan and Eid.

*This post has been edited to add Prolance to the list of publishers.*

Elizabeth Lymer March 2015 flatElizabeth Lymer is a rhymer, author, and rainbow-liker. She recently read an article in which Ramadan is compared to a rainbow for its beauty and transience. Elizabeth hopes that her Ramadan Rhymes and Muslim Lullabies books will facilitate lasting benefits to you and your families at times of rainbow, sunshine, and rainfall. She is a member of the Muslimah Writers Alliance. You can subscribe to her emails here.

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