Angels and Rainbow ANEESA Books FRONT cover imageAngels and Rainbows is a picture book for all young Muslims who have awoken while it is still dark and longed to feel surrounded by love ♥

Alhamdulillah, through beautiful illustrations and a heart-warming story, Angels and Rainbows shows how a father guides his daughter to attain joy through remembrance of Allah SWT during Fajr salah time. We can join them on their delightful journey 🙂

This children’s book is an especially lovely resource for parents to read to young Muslim children during early mornings. You know, those pre-sunrise mornings when children awake before they are ready to feel secure. Or, to put it another way, when their experience of darkness attunes them to their fundamental need for connection to Allah SWT and His love.

Soundcloud square ANEESA Books Text from spread inclWhen this occurrence coincides with a Muslim parent’s need to perform timely salah with khushoo, it can seem difficult to meet the needs of both parent a child. We don’t want to compromise our own wellbeing, or our child’s.

So, let’s not.

As a morning book, Angels and Rainbows can stimulate both parent and child to experience positive, Allah-centred security and to enjoy and value each present moment for its opportunity to remember Him SWT.

As a bedtime story, it can help relax and guide children to pronounce heartfelt remembrance of Allah SWT and look forward to experiencing joy through more remembrance when they awake.

ALLAH square no white ANEESA BooksThe rhyming story and illustrations provide an endearing, memorable way to invite children to love to say, “SubhanAllah. Alhamdulillah. Laa ilaaha il Allah. Allahu akbar.” Because, like us, they keep rhythm with little hearts that are designed to need these remembrances.



To purchase the paperback book, please click over to,, or search the books department on your nearest Amazon site with ‘Angels and Rainbows Muslim’.

For special gifts, a small hardback edition is available through Amazon US and Amazon UK.

JazakAllahkhayr for your support of young Muslims and their parents.

The story is written by me (Elizabeth Lymer), illustrated by Brooke Alam of InspireDeen Etsy Shop, and edited by LaYinka Sanni, masha’Allah.

Masha’Allah, Anaya Nayeer also deserves a mention. She believed in the early draft of the story I shared with her, and it was her feedback which led to a focus upon love, masha’Allah 🙂 Please ask Allah SWT to reward her <3

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