Alhamdulillah, I have published two stories as picture books for young children!…

Hector Hectricity and the Missing Socks: A Prayerful Paracks Story

Hector Hectricity square small cover image

Calm days for the Parack family, filled with soft songs and peaceful picnics, are disrupted by hectic mornings because socks keep vanishing in their new home. Will Mummy’s prayers lead to peace and paired socks again?

A fun story for young children that shows how praying to Allah SWT, asking for help from others, and taking a good walk outdoors can help to overcome a sock monster.

Faceless HH front cover image

A faceless edition of the book is also available.

Angels and Rainbows

Angels and Rainbow ANEESA Books FRONT cover image

Muslims who have awoken while it is still dark and longed to feel surrounded by love ♥

Alhamdulillah, through beautiful illustrations and a heart-warming story written in verse, Angels and Rainbows shows how a father guides his daughter to attain joy through remembrance of Allah SWT during Fajr salah time.

This children’s book is an especially lovely resource for parents to read to young Muslim children when they are awake during early mornings.

I recommend reading plenty of stories to children, with rich vocabulary, as part of facilitating pre-reading skills (for example, acquiring a rich vocabulary, knowing sentence structure, recognising and predicting words; comprehending and reflecting upon relationships, journeys, and behaviours to develop empathy and self-identity; and, importantly, engaging in dialogue about written material of enjoyable interest to foster a desire to learn from written words).

Alhamdulillah, I am honoured to working in the profession of making stories to help today’s generation of young children with the important process of learning to love reading, insha’Allah.

I am working on several forthcoming stories insha’Allah, to help expand the genre of juvenile Islamic fiction with various illustrators … but Allah is the best of planners, of course.

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With Peace, Elizabeth Lymer