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This hardback treasury of twenty-five rhymes and lullabies is for early years practitioners who want a sturdy book of engaging songs to introduce Islam and Muslim practices to young children.

Included are fun rhymes about the five pillars of Islam (announcing the testimony of faith, maintaining salat, fasting in Ramadan, paying zakat, and performing Hajj), about Allah, spreading peace, doing good deeds, family, mosque, al-Qur’an, and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

Also provided are soothing lullabies to teach a sunnah bedtime routine, encourage prayer, and reassure children of the protection of Allah during His gift of restful sleep.

cmyk-8_Bond_with_Kin_smallThe rich vocabulary used in many poems invites children to engage in dialogic reading with adults to discover their meanings (and there is a glossary of Arabic words provided and a brief description of the five pillars of Islam, at the end of the book). There are plenty of long rhymes so that young pre-readers can focus upon a single verse and expand the content they engage with as they develop. Many of the songs use repetition to encourage memorisation. Rhymes such as With Bismillah We’re Handy, and Wash Yourself, naturally incline readers to create their own extra verses.

In groups or pairs, children can devise actions for rhymes such as Allah Made Us From Head To Toes, The Muslims Round The World, and Round The Ka’bah, Walk. They can also choreograph playful exercises to accompany Love To Love Allah Most, Five Prayers Each Day, Peace Greetings Must Be Spread, A Narrow Mosque, and Sail Your Seas. The lullabies in the book are well-suited to calming colouring sessions, as well as for transitions into naptimes and bedtimes.

cmyk-7_From_Head_to_Toes_IllustrationAll of the rhymes are written to the tune or rhythm of traditional nursery rhymes, for example Excellent Allah follows the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat. (Please be aware that rhymes such as Incy Wincy Spider can be sung in different ways.) Likewise, the six lullabies follow melodies of traditional rhymes and lullabies, for instance Allah’s Nigh, Night Time’s Nigh can be sung to the tune of Lullaby And Goodnight.

Many of the rhymes are collected from published paperbacks: Islamic Nursery Rhymes, Muslim Lullabies, Ramadan Rhymes Colouring Book, Hajj Harmonies Colouring Book, Five Prayers Each Day, and First Rhymes and Lullabies for Muslims – the latter two titles are now out of print. The beautiful and faceless illustrations are by Fatimah De Vaux Davies.

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