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Islamic Nursery Rhymes is an endearing collection of nursery rhymes for young Muslim children to learn about the beautiful ways of Islam in a lovely experience of singing with their parents and elders.

The book reworks traditional nursery rhymes, giving the old tunes timeless Islamic meaning. For example, ‘Oranges and Lemons’ is an historical rhyme about ringing the bells of East London churches as a man made his journey to his execution – my version, entitled ‘Assalam Alaykum’, is about mosques in East London spreading salaam and news of salah time. (It was in East London that I made my first Muslim friends and learned about Islam, particularly at East London Mosque alhamdulillah.)

Read Helpful Hannah SQUAREThe attractive and highly detailed – yet faceless – illustrations by Fatimah De Vaux Davies will delight and captivate children’s interest in performing the actions of practising Muslims. For example, in one illustration De Vaux Davies depicts Muslims gathering around a large Qur’an that is spilling out light, and, in another, Muslims are making salah upon an earth were boats sail and above which aeroplanes and rockets fly.

These beautiful Islamic nursery rhymes can be used as songful remembrance of Allah as a resource for developing pre-recitation skills before reading the Qur’an.

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The voice-only album is available from many places, alhamdulillah.

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