Hajj Harmonies takes children on a melodious journey through the pillars of the great Muslim pilgrimage. It provides simple, faceless drawings for colouring.

The rhymes can be enjoyed as interactive singing by younger children, to learn about Hajj rituals in a fun, memorable way. Older children can read the poems and may choose to embellish the drawings with complex details as they colour.
Insha’Allah, the book will keep children busy and engaged as they informally consolidate learning about Hajj. They may like to colour themselves and their loved ones onto the pages and playfully imagine themselves to be in Makkah.
Children can also learn some history behind Hajj rituals. For example, Hajar’s search for water for her son, Isma’il, is related in a rhyme to the tune of Jack and Jill:
Umm Isma’il went up the hill
To find her son some water,
She looked around from on high ground,
From Safa she went up Marwah…
The rhymes are available to view on my Elizabeth Lymer YouTube channel, so you can check the tunes, sing along, and colour along while listening and discussing the pilgrimage.
This interactive nursery rhymes book makes a good gift for small children given by a relative/friend as they depart to perform the pilgrimage. Children can enjoy preparing for the pilgrimage from as early as they can listen to songs. They can feel included in its rituals from as early as they can hold a crayon.
I recommend you provide a variety of skin tone crayons with the book so that children can embrace and represent the diversity and equality of the pilgrimage as they explore it through colouring pilgrims, singing/saying rhymes, and discussing Hajj with you.

Thank you to Mindworks Publishing for making this children’s book available inexpensively on Amazon UK, and Amazon US, and in other online shops, alhamdulillah.

(The nursery rhymes colouring book Ramadan Rhymes is also available.)

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