Alhamdulillah, I have produced seven religious nursery rhymes books!…

Five Prayers Each Day

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One, two, three, four, five prayers each day that we’re alive…. This is a simple number rhyme for young toddlers to count up and count down from one to five, for the five Muslim daily prayers. As a short book, it is suitable for singing again and again.

Islamic Nursery Rhymes (revised edition)

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Islamic Nursery Rhymes is an endearing collection of nursery rhymes for young Muslim children to learn about the beautiful ways of Islam. The rhymes can be used as songful remembrance of Allah as a resource for developing pre-recitation skills before reading the Qur’an.

Muslim Lullabies (also available as a CD)

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Muslim Lullabies contains lyrics which gently impart themes about night and sleep from the Qur’an, and teach routine bedtime practices from the Sunnah, making the collection an excellent resource for Muslim children’s bedtimes from birth up to about eight years old. The book is dedicated to Maria Zain, a mother, writer, and childbirth educator, who returned to Allah in 2014. You can donate funds that will support her husband to raise their children insha’Allah via

Religious Rhyme Time: Nursery Rhymes About Early Believers

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Religious Rhyme Time is the first volume in a series of books entitled Early Believers: Abrahamic Children’s Books for Jews, Christians, Muslims and Global Citizens. The series is designed with a vision of facilitating harmony, mutual support, and connection between diverse Abrahamic families and friends.

Ramadan Rhymes (colouring book)

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Ramadan Rhymes includes several songs about fasting to encourage young children to look forward to being old enough to fast, as well as rhymes about sighting the new moon, reading the Qur’an, praising Allah SWT, asking for forgiveness, and celebrating ‘Eid.

Hajj Harmonies (colouring book)

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Hajj Harmonies takes children along a melodious journey through the pillars of Hajj and the Islamic requirements for making pilgrimage to the Holy city of Makkah.

I recommend singing plenty of Islamic content with young Muslims to develop pre-recitation skills (memorisation by ear; voice control; positive remembrance of Allah). Therefore, I have provided several books and am planning more insha’Allah. However, if you are new to singing Islamic nursery rhymes – or you only want one book – then this book is the one for you:

First Rhymes and Lullabies for Muslims

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This collection includes rhymes about Allah (SWT), Muhammad (SAW), the Qur’an, family, and good deeds, as well as introducing the five pillars of Islam (announcing the testimony of faith, maintaining salat, fasting in Ramadan, paying zakat, and performing Hajj). It also provides lullabies which celebrate the presence of Allah’s angels, stress the protection of Allah during His gift to us of restful sleep, and detail a bedtime routine according to the sunnah.

Alhamdulillah, all of these books are available from CreateSpace, Amazon, and other online bookshops.

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With Peace, Elizabeth Lymer