Two (so far) engaging and interactive paperbacks for your supervised Muslim baby and toddler to practice remembering Allah as they explore the world….

Baby Travels with the name of Allah
Baby Travels with the Name of Allah Front Cover

A high-definition baby book for very young Muslims.

Used from birth, it encourages Baby to travel and remember Allah from the very start of her/his life.

The book introduces first colours to developing young eyes – black and white; the seven colours of the rainbow; and three skin tones you may like to call fawn (Mummy), terracotta (Daddy), and tawny (Baby). Insha’Allah you can ensure positive recognition of colour begins in your child’s earliest discussions.

Also included are the five senses of hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch, to provide Baby with language for her/his early sensory experiences.

Suitable for supervised babies from newborn to around eighteen months.

It is also available as a faceless edition.

Front Cover Baby Travels Faceless Edition image

Peace and Thanks on the Farm (various versions)

Peace and Thanks on the Farm Allah Version small cover image

A spiritual ecology book for children to enjoy learning animal sounds, spread peace to farm creatures, and to thank Allah / God for them.

All of creation exists because of Allah / God, and our relationship with animals is one of interconnection.

Peace and Thanks on the Farm encourages children to remember our Creator, and to be respectful of animals through whom Allah / God gives us blessings.

It is available as a picture book, in two versions:

Peace and Thanks on the Farm Cover imageone version names our Creator ‘God’,

Peace and Thanks on the Farm Allah Version small cover image

the Allah version names Him ‘Allah’.

It is also available as a colouring book, similarly as two versions,

Peace and Thanks on the Farm Front Cover Elizabeth Lymera God version,

Peace and Thanks on the farm Colouring Book Allah Version small cover image

and an Allah version.

With all the different versions, it can be troublesome to locate the version you want when searching Amazon. Please email me if you have any difficulty and insha’Allah / God willing I can send you a direct link.

You are also welcome to contact me if you want advice about how best to use these books with your baby and toddler. (