Alhamdulillah, my collection of children’s rhymes and stories books is growing!

In the list below, the newest titles are at the top.

Each front cover image links to a page within this site about its book.

Muslim Rhymes and Lullabies


Sleep in God’s Protection


Angels and Rainbows

Angels and Rainbow ANEESA Books FRONT cover image

Peace and Thanks on the Farm (picture books and colouring books)

Peace and Thanks on the Farm Cover image

Islamic Nursery Rhymes (revised edition)

Hector Hectricity and the Missing Socks

Hector Hectricity front cover

Baby Travels with the Name of Allah (formerly Baby Traveller Bismillah)

Baby Travels with the Name of Allah Front Cover

Muslim Lullabies (book; CD)

Muslim Lullabies FRONT

Ramadan Rhymes (colouring book)

Ramadan Rhymes FRONT COVER 24 MAY 2016

Hajj Harmonies (colouring book)

Hajj Harmonies FRONT COVER 24 MAY 2016

Religious Rhyme Time

Nursery Cover72

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