Abrahamic Interfaith Rhymes, Stories, and Play for WIHW2016

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It’s almost February and World Interfaith Harmony Week which is a fantastic time to make fun times between diverse children of faith and none. With a simple plan, it can be fun for you too….

Last year I followed a multi-faith calendar for over six months, introducing my children to books and festivals from different faiths. It was fun and very interesting, and I wouldn’t change what we did, but it wasn’t sustainable because we weren’t making any real connections. The time has come for change.

So this year I am interested in reaching out to my geographical neighbours my through resources in my spiritual neighbourhood – diversities and commonalities between Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

And I’m interested in less planning time and more time with children. I want to facilitate children to have more time to remain engaged with the books I introduce so they can wonder, discuss, and connect without looking to me.

RRT Food and Faith Interfaith CuttersSo insha’Allah next week we’re hosting a few rhymes, stories, and play dough sessions. Instead of moving into snack time from singing, reading, and dialogic reading, we’ll snack first. And after sharing books together, I’ll stand back to have another cuppa while I let children think, chat, and play with play dough.

In selecting Muslim, Christian, and Jewish children’s books, I’ve chosen some fictional stories which engage children in learning common morals and diverse practices, some stories based on true stories, and my collection of Abrahamic interfaith rhymes based on common beliefs about the Creator and early believers in Him, including Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Abraham and Sarah.

I’ve got a fantastic set of interfaith cookie cutters from With a Spin for older children (they are stainless steel). And I’ll happily provide some plastic hearts and stars cutters for small hands. Because, yes, I’d like a peaceful cuppa. And a little grown-up to grown-up connection would be lovely.

Sound good to you?

RRT Interfaith Cutters and other books 2Here are the books I’ve selected from my shelves. I haven’t acquired any new books especially for the event because I really want to focus on art facilitating life, connections, and harmony. I feel like myself and my children have been incubating interfaith intentions in our little home library and it’s time to bring handfuls of books down to the living room and invite friends in.

If you are planning to connect with families through interfaith rhymes, stories, and/or play, I’d love to connect with you too. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and you can subscribe to my emails here.

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