All praises are to Allah/ God – there is none worthy of worship but God.

Special thanks are also due from me to the following people:

My parents

My sisters, brothers, sister-in-law, and brothers-in-law

Aziem, Hamza, Yusuf, Zaynab and Maryam

Fatima, Abdul Latif, Aziez and Nida

Kim and Sandy and Wasi and Aisha

Anaya, Abida, Ali, Alice, Attia, Daphne, Dave, Deline, Erika, Farouk, Felicity, Harriette, Jen, Kristen, Leila, Lena, Lois & Tammy, Muzammal, Peter, Ruby, Saher, Salma, Sarah, Shania, Shumaisa, Sofia, Tasneem, LaYinka, Zahid and Zareen

Nadia, Abdel Hamid, Sana, Hicham and Oussama

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