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EL Rainbow Scarf Nov 2016I am a children’s author of a handful of rhymes books published by Mindworks Publishing. I have also independently published picture books and colouring books via Aneesa Books. As a creative developer, I have co-written stories for Noor Kids and Little Hibba, and I have adapted stories by Friends of Al-Aqsa into a dramatic storytelling script which I presented at the Palestine Expo alhamdulillah.

My thriving inner child relishes creativity about connecting with Allah SWT, nurturing bonds within families, and celebrating harmonies between different people, animals, and the natural world. Subsequently, I love writing children’s literature, telling stories, and singing rhymes to playfully support young Muslims, easing their journeys to know, remember, and love Allah SWT, by His will.

Over the past five years, I have written prolifically, sometimes venturing out of my busy household to engage children with my work at friends’ homes, the park, toddler group, nursery, and at the IHRC Bookshop in London. I have also posted simple videos on my Elizabeth Lymer and Barakah Bedtimes YouTube channels alhamdulillah.

I am currently home educating my young children, utilising an eclectic approach.

I love rainbows and alhamdlillah I have published a book with Brooke Alam called ‘Angels and Rainbows‘.


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A little bit about a couple of collaborators with Elizabeth….

Wasi Daniju (Singing)

I worked with Elizabeth on Ramadan Rhymes, Hajj Harmonies, and Muslim Lullabies providing the voice for the rhymes.

I was born and brought up Muslim, and continue to practise and learn about Islam to the best of my ability. I first collaborated with Elizabeth in a different way, when we were both volunteers with Wisdom In Nature, an ecological justice group based on Islamic principles.

In November of last year, I graduated from a postgraduate diploma in person-centred counselling.  I now work with a charity as a therapist for refugee and asylum-seeking children.  I also take photographs – for fun, for photojournalism and on commission.

When not offering therapy or taking photographs, I enjoy reading, baking, listening to and making music, gardening and taking part in various forms of protest.

Wasi’s blog

Wasi’s photography site

Aisha Davies (Writing)

I collaborated with Elizabeth on During Ramadan, gave feedback on drafts of her rhymes and also suggested other traditional rhymes for her to work with.

I am a revert to Islam, a mother of two and active amongst the Muslim community. I have worked and volunteered for many large Islamic organisations such as Al Jumuah Magazine, iERA, MRDF and Islamic Network to name but a few, as I feel it is my duty to help the ummah in any way I am able.

I am passionate about art, learning and most importantly following the Qur’an and sunnah. I am a committed student of Sabeel and Al Kauthar.


Not a contributor, but how Elizabeth’s creative writing process took off, alhamdulillah …

ATE is Active Training and Education who provide imaginative Superweeks for children aged eight to 16.

I have been a monitor for ATE, and it was in this role that I first encountered facilitating children to learn, socialise and cooperate within a temporary community, through songs, games, and playful activities.

And it was on my first ATE Superweek that I first enjoyed the process of personalising songs by changing their words. A group of children changed ‘A Ford Escort’ (also known as the rhyme ‘A Big Red Bus’) into an action song about their monitors.

In the Hajj Harmonies collection, the above rhyme appears as, ‘A Long Full Coach’ and is one of my favourites, not least because of its creative beginnings with ATE.

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