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Welcome to Rhymes and Stories! For children’s books by Elizabeth Lymer to support children’s playful learning about Islam. 🙂

If you are looking for a book to gift to a faithful child, or as an addition to your diverse children’s library, please browse my titles, published by Mindworks Publishing and independently-published via Aneesa Books.

For rhymes I publish online, please visit my blog: Also, you are welcome to search my Elizabeth Lymer YouTube channel and Barakah Bedtimes channel for lots of voice-only videos. And my voice-only albums are available on Google Play, iTunes, and elsewhere.

In addition to writing for young Muslims, I have also written Abrahamic interfaith nursery rhymes (Religious Rhyme Time) and spiritual ecology picture books (Peace and Thanks on the Farm).

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With Peace, Elizabeth


What mothers say about my work …

Allah square ANEESA Books Text from spread incl with copyright

“Elizabeth Lymer’s books are a treasured part of our home library. Not only are they charmingly sweet and fun to read, but underlying every book are Islamic themes and lessons on ettiquettes, dhikr or on good character.”

Dr Gemma Elizabeth, Our Muslim Homeschool


God is One Almighty God SQUARE

“We love the Religious Rhyme Time book. We sing at least one song every night, with “Egypt’s Pharoah….etc” being the favoured request! Thank you!”

Pip, mother of three children


5 Allah Made Us From Head To Toes 1920 by 1080

“My kids love all your YouTube videos especially the Islamic Nursery Rhymes. They are fun and educational and have morals behind all of them. The rhyme that my 3 year old adores is Allah Loves Us From Head to Toes. Its illustration is eye catching and words are understanding to kids.”

Naseema, mother




“Elizabeth came to visit the Mums and Toddler group at Edinburgh Central Mosque and enchanted us with the story of Hector and the missing socks.
Everyone came prepared with a pair of socks, there were small one, big ones, stripy and spotty ones, bright ones and dull ones.

There were sections of the story where everyone threw their socks in the air and had to chase around finding the socks, the smiles and cheers on the faces of the mums and children were were a delight to see.

The story was very interactive and entertaining for all ages.
Never thought socks could be so much fun!”


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