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Welcome to Rhymes and Stories, for resources by Elizabeth Lymer to support playful learning about Islam for children aged 0-7 years old 🙂

If you are looking for a gift for a Muslim child or for an addition to your diverse children’s library, you can also find information and links for my own books, published by Mindworks Publishing, and independently via Aneesa Books.

You are welcome to search my Elizabeth Lymer YouTube channel for lots of free videos. My voice-only albums are also available on Google Play, iTunes, and elsewhere.

If you would like to access first book previews and news, and exclusive freebies through my email newsletters, please click here.

With Peace, Elizabeth

PS Please contact me via for permission if you intend to publish or broadcast my work. Thank you.

PPS Please respect that I have copyright of all of my work, including all material shared on this website. About copyright.

PPPS I haven’t blogged for a while…. I have written about using religious and diverse children’s literature to informally foster spiritual development of little Muslims, including interfaith compassion, and multi-faith respect. You can find posts on the blog here.

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